Health Directoraite

To provide and prudently manage comprehensive and accessible health service with special emphasis on primary health care at, district and sub-district levels in accordance with approved national policies.

Head Of Health Directoraite


To be a center of excellence in the provision of public health services to the people of the Mpohor district that they live longer and are healthier, wealthier, and happier


To provide quality health service, responsive to the needs of all persons living in Mpohor District by implementing approved Health Sector policies, increasing access to priority health services, and managing prudently resources available for the provision of health services through the dedicated and organized efforts of highly motivated staff and community


1. Develop appropriate strategies and set technical guidelines to achieve Ghana national policy goals/objectives.
2. Undertake management and administration of the overall Ghana health resources within the service.
3. Promote healthy mode of living and good health habits by people in Ghana.
4. Establish effective mechanism for disease surveillance, prevention and control in Ghana.
5. Determine charges for Ghana health services with the approval of the Ghana Minister of Health.
6. Provide in-service training and continuing education in Ghana.
7. Perform any other functions relevant to the promotion, protection and restoration of health in Ghana.

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