Environmental Health & Sanitation

Environmental Health Unit is aimed at developing and maintaining a clean, safe and physical and natural environment in all human settlement to promote socioeconomic and physical wellbeing of all sections of the population. Is therefore the duty and concern of the environmental health and sanitation unit, with the support from the Assembly to ensure that these responsibilities are achieved in line with environmental laws

Head Of Environmental Health & Sanitation

Major Activities

1. Food hygiene.
2. Environmental Sanitation Education.
3. Disposal of the death .
4. Control of rearing and straying of animals.
5. Control of pest and vector diseases.
6. Storm water drainage.
7. Monitoring the observance of environmental standard
8. Inspection enforcement of sanitary regulations.
9. Monitoring the observance of environmental standard
10. Industrial and commercial waste

Linkages With Other Department

Environmental and sanitation unit collaborate with the following department to execute the Assembly work
1. Zoomlion Ghana limited.
3. Works department.
4. Food and drugs board authority health.
5. National commission for civil education.
6. Physical planning.
7. National disaster management organization (NADMO)

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