Mpohor District Organized the First Town Hall Meeting

Mpohor District Organized the First Town Hall Meeting for the year in Adum Banso. This meeting was done in all the area councils in the district.

The Chief of the Town welcomed the team from the District Assembly and admonished all the town members to listen to the team carefully and also bring out the issues they face as people for redress and further explanations. The District Chief Executive, Mr. Ignatius Asaah Mensah, introduced the team from the District Assembly. By means of introduction, he took his time very well to do the official introduction and also gave the details with regards to their official duties. Hon. D.C.E., Ignatius Asaah Mensah, spoke on the need to meet the community members in a timely manner in order to discuss pressing issues confronting the people. He also said the district assembly is there to ensure that developments are brought to the doorsteps of the people.

He said it's under the tenure of the president of Ghana that a lot of the youths are employed and others are given start-up capital to start their own businesses. With respect to social welfare issues, the government and the district regularly pay the school fees of these vulnerable children in the district. He again added the importance of the Ghana Productivity Safety Net Project, which is providing employment for the people. The supply of cocoa seedlings and oil palm seedlings, as well as the hiring of modern equipment like tractors and combine harvesters, aid in farming. In terms of physical support, the district assembly supplied roofing sheets to schools and communities anytime there was a heavy storm leading to the removal of roofing sheets. The District Chief Executive admonished members gathered to be aware of some of the problems going on in the district, like the circulation of fake currencies and the growth of ghettos, leading to the rise of criminals in the various communities. The Hon. Member of Parliament, Mr. John Kobina Abuah Abam Sanie, thanked the community members for honoring the invitation of the District Assembly and that of the Member of Parliament.

He said it's mandatory for the leadership of the district to meet their constituents regularly. He said that as a member of Parliament, the only day they can meet the constituents is on Saturdays and Sundays due to the nature of their work as a member of Parliament. He spoke on power challenges in the district by saying that, as a result of the growth of communities, the extension of power supply from Manso, Angu, Ayiem, Adum Banso, K9, and K3 is all ongoing. He again spoke on the issues of difficulty in acquiring meters in various households by saying that, due to his able leadership, many of these meters are now in place for the contractor to start with the wiring in the various households. He touched on education, which was very dear to his heart before becoming an MP. A lot of container libraries would be set up in all the schools to equip them with learning skills and many other things.

The Mpohor community library is ongoing as of now. About nine people have gained scholarships to travel overseas, and another 25 students' documents are being processed to enable them to travel outside. The Hon. Member of Parliament said about 96 newly recruited teachers have been posted to the district, specifically natives from the district. A lot is being done in education in terms of the construction of classrooms for teaching and learning, which is highly intensified in the district. He said the district has three athletic fields to enhance recreational activities and other functions to be hosted. About 38 boreholes are constructed district-wide due to the challenges of the water crisis in the district. In terms of health, Manso Health Center now has a mechanized borehole to enable their activities. Due to the abled leadership, Agenda 111 is also on course in the district. On roads, the Hon. Member of Parliament spoke on the four major roads within the district, from Aboadze to Ayiem, where construction is on site. Kejabil-Mpohor road, the Hon. Member of Parliament said the traditional leadership and the political figures in the district met the president to discuss when the road would be constructed for them. He thanked members for their time and patience and explained why it's important to timely engage the various communities. For town hall meetings, engage them, explain issues to them, and also take their views