Ghana Launches Ambitious Campaign to Plant 20 million Trees

In an effort to combat the devastating impact of climate change and illegal mining on its forests, Ghana is set to embark on a ground breaking mission to plant 20 million trees. This initiative comes as part of an annual campaign, and it is expected to help restore the forest cover that has dramatically decreased over the past century. The country's forestry commission revealed that Ghana has experienced one of the highest rates of rainforest loss globally, with only a fifth of its original forest cover remaining. Between 2019 and 2022, over 350 square kilometres of primary forest were lost, forcing the country's timber industry to rely on imports from neighbouring nations.

Launching the national tree-planting event, known as "Green Ghana Day," Solomon Kweku Adjei, the co-ordinating director of the Mpohor District Assembly, expressed concern over the alarming economic impact of forest degradation. He cited the loss of natural forest in the district and the dire consequences it had on the timber industry and local employment. The campaign has garnered support from various sectors, with businesses, schools, religious groups, and individuals all receiving tree seedlings from the forestry commission. The aim is for the seedlings to be planted across the nation, contributing to the reforestation efforts. Edward Dagadu, a senior divisional manager at Benso Oil Palm Plantation (BOOP), emphasized the need for a sustained and well-funded program to protect Ghana from the effects of climate change. He stressed that the success of the Green Ghana initiative depends on making tree care a year-round cultural practice.

With an optimistic outlook, the district co-ordinating director stated that a nationwide assessment predicts a survival rate of 90% for the seedlings planted during the campaign. This promising assessment boosts confidence in the project's potential impact on forest restoration. Ghana's ambitious tree-planting campaign is a crucial step towards safeguarding its environment and battling the challenges posed by climate change. The nation recognizes that preserving its forests is essential for a sustainable future, and the entire population is urged to embrace a new mindset that cherishes trees as a life-saving resource.